Last March, ToBe’s partners travelled to Tampere, Finland for the occasion of the project’s kick of meeting. Organised by coordinators Tampere University (TAU), the meeting lasted 2 days and was attended by our members from Sweden, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, Ecuador and the UK.

After the dinner in Finlayson Palace in Tampere’s City Center on Monday evening, the official meeting kicked off on Tuesday at the stunning Hangaslahti Meeting Venue. The cabin’s beautiful views of Näsijärvi Lake set the scene for a day of high-level discussions about the project’s vision. The day started with each Work Package leader introduced their tasks and goals for the duration of the project and, in the afternoon, the team started setting the theoretical framework from which the research will be carried out.

Wednesday’s meetings took place at Tampere University, and involved practicalities such as the financial aspects, the coordinator’s role in the project, the regularity of consortium meetings or the external communication principles.

ToBe aims to transition from a classical growth-based eco-social paradigm to one based in sustainable wellbeing. Through the development of meaningful indicators, multidisciplinary research and a co-creation platform, the project’s goal is to create a new model that would allow this transition.