Pathways to progress: Our ongoing research efforts

Identifying innovative policy options and understanding processes of change

D3.1 Framework for the case studies

Document introducing a case study framework that will be used in Work Package 3 of the “ToBe” project to explore drivers, barriers and outcomes of alternative growth initiatives in the Global North and the Global South, and how these dynamics contribute to change, and even transformation, of larger economic systems and practices. The focus is on change from ‘business as usual’ to alternative economic systems.

Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

D5.1. ToBe Communication and Dissemination Plan

Document containing general information on the ToBe project and outlining the communication and dissemination activities to be undertaken during the three years of the project. It comprises a presentation of the communication and dissemination activities, as well as information on ToBe’s objectives and expected impact. It provides an overview of the project’s key messages, target group segmentation and communication instruments. Furthermore, it explains the designated evaluation and monitoring methods, elaborates on internal communication measures, and illustrates the project’s visual identity and branding.

D5.2. Communication Activity Report V.1

This document is presenting the activities carried out within ToBe WP5 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation during the first 6 months of the project (March – August 2023). The progresses with regard to visual identity, website, social media channels, newsletter and events are presented.

D5.5. ToBe Exploitation and Sustainability Plan vol. 1

This document is the first of two Exploitation and Sustainability Plans. It serves as an initial guide to maximising ToBe’s results thereby creating an effective impact at scientific, social and economic levels. By laying out a plan, from the identification of exploitable results to the expected impact these will have, the aim is to describe the exploitation efforts in order to ensure that the project’s results continue to be utilised beyond ToBe’s contractual end date.