“It’s time to rethink how we manage our oceans, forests, cities, consumption patterns and economic systems. And the science is here for it“.

Human activity is irreversibly changing our planet, especially our climate. The voracious demand for fossil fuels and natural resources has led us to an ecological breaking point, even after decades of climate action. How do we reverse this trend? Will green growth, the bioeconomy or the Green New Deal be enough to avert a climate disaster? Or should we look to degrowth or a-growth as alternative models? What are the tradeoffs associated with different mitigation strategies and how can we avoid rebound effects and negative social impacts?


Find the answer to this questions at the Growth vs. Climate Conference in Barcelona, organised by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Environmental Science and Technology Institute and Excelencia María de Maeztu on 13-15 March 2023.


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